Tailored cleaning solution for both pre and post renovation 

Whether you have planned a renovation or just had a renovation, what causes you jitter is the clean-up. It is wearisome to remove all dust and debris before and after renovation. Professional Pre and Post-Renovation cleaners can simplify the process. Fastidious experts undertake the tedious task of new construction clean up and execute their job diligently for bringing out highest satisfaction.

These services give a major relief to individuals by performing elaborative clean-up operation pre and post-renovation at highly competitive market price. Every unattended corner filled with dust and filth is cleaned using modular tools and harmless chemicals. No compromise has been made on health and hygiene. It includes cleaning of floors, furniture, bathrooms, kitchen, appliances, lightings, window panels and doors, fixtures, fittings and store areas.

Renovation changes the picture, while cleaning brightens the picture.   

We also specialize in external window glass cleaning, contact us for more info.