Moving homes / office is now easy 

Moving from one roof to another is an exasperating task as it involves a lot of packing and shifting.  Relocation for move in & out cleaning services make the move much simpler and relaxing by assisting in cleaning process.

In Malaysia, you can find custom solutions attuned to your specific requirements at highly economical rates. Disinfectants and sanitizers are used for killing an inhibiting multiplication of microorganisms for healthier, cleaner place.

All-inclusive Packages are formulated and developed for a through clean-up of your place and nothing is left untouched and unchecked.  It involves disinfection of bathrooms, dusting, polishing of floors, de-greasing and upholstery cleaning. The advantages of move in, move out and pre-move cleaning services are:

  1. Saves time and energy
  2. Hygiene ensures great well-being
  3. A cleaner house is similar to heaven
  4. Cost effective cleaning packages
  5. Professional services for better results 



We offers full range of  construction clean up services  to cater pre and post renovation cleaning , click here for more info