Vinyl-floor-polishing1Smart, safe and secure cleaning measures for Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl floor coverings have many advantages as attached. They are comfortable to walk on, stain and noise resistant, waterproof and inexpensive.  With proper care, vinyl floor can never lose its sheen and stay original for many years to follow.  Vinyl polishing services in Malaysia are economical and highly qualitative that makes sure your flooring attractive and bright. Established cleaning procedures are implemented for making your surface shine such as:

  1. Mopping floor applying mixture of hot water and ammonia / vinegar
  2. Stripping and polishing for removing wax accumulation on flooring
  3. Proper waxing for securing its shine from wears and tears
  4. Using bleach with water to eliminate tough stains



Do you know restoration parquet flooring can be inexpensive and convenient to bring back their glitters again?

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