The Top Office Cleaning Services in Malaysia

When it comes to commercial office cleaning services, leads the pack by offering professional office cleaning services. We do understand that business buildings are the best frontiers where customers and clients meet and this is the best place where important deals are sealed. We therefore ensure that these premises are absolutely tidy and clean because these aspects contribute highly to a business’ attitude, integrity and professionalism. That it where our company comes in and provides the much needed commercial office cleaning services.

We offers professional office cleaning services in banks and offices, retail stores, apartment buildings, motels and hotels, restaurants, places that require carpet maintenance, schools, colleges and universities. Office cleaning services entail space cleaning, toilet services, lobbies and elevators, window frames and mirrors.

On space cleaning, we offer services in the following areas
Vacuum carpets and floors
• Mop linoleum floors and tiles
• Empty waste baskets
• Clean and dust office furniture and desks
Clean windows, both inside and outside including seals
• Clean all mirrors and glass surfaces
• Clean and dust baseboards, book cases among other services

When it comes to toilets, a number of services are on offer and this include cleaning of wall tiles, mopping tiles and linoleum floors, cleaning all glass surfaces and mirrors, refilling bathroom items, emptying and cleaning sanitary disposal, cleaning metal items like faucets and handles, cleaning and sanitizing counter-tops and sinks. In the lobbies and elevators the floors are swept and vacuumed, the handrails are cleaned and partition surfaces are wiped. Windows and their frames are also cleaned including all mirrors.

These services are intense and are done in a thorough and immaculate manner. We take pride in offering services at the usual business hours and this happens without interrupting the operations of any specific company as the services are well planned to integrate with the normal operations of the client. We also offer special Initial Cleaning and Contract Cleaning Services solution, call Christine +60123506099  or write in to for more info.