Get a lucid view from your window 

Dust on your windows can make everything look vague. For a crystal-clear view, a regular touch-up of your windows in important.  Similarly, a tall glass building is bound to attract eyeballs when it looks radiant under the shimmering sun. Window and external glass cleaning services in Malaysia focus on making every glass gleam extraordinary.

The gamut of services includes:

    1. Cleaning sills and tracks of windows
    2. Removing fly screens and cobwebs
    3. Washing window frames
    4. Eliminating smudge inside out


Washing windows


In Malaysia, you can avail to tailor-made commercial cleaning services as per your building size and structure. These services are quick, affordable and reliable. Professional cleaners extensively engage themselves in an elaborate clean-up process to make window panes glow for a perfect view. By undertaking the task of commercial window cleaning, they allow an organization to concentrate on business functioning more.

We specialize window cleaning in high rise buildings such as tower, hotel, mall, school, church, condominium & etc or residential such as townhouse, bungalow & many.  Call us at +60123506099 for free consultation now.

You may also need carpet cleaning, floor restoration, relocation moving cleaning, construction site cleaning, do contact us for more info.