The Best Initial Cleaning Services in Malaysia

office-cleaning is a cleaning services company that has been in the cleaning business for many years now and offers a variety of services chief among those is the initial cleaning services. This involves the move-in and move-out services that are most common in Malaysia especially in Kuala Lumpur area. Our company is well known for delivering comprehensive Initial Cleaning Services for both residential and commercial customers. These are in the areas of:


Our main specialization is found in the areas of windows, floors, wet areas and joineries. We do initial cleaning for newly renovated outfits, showrooms, offices and housing projects. All these are in the stages of moving in and post moving in stages. We are well renowned for using eco-friendly high quality tools and take great care not to damage your surfaces by employing well qualified supervision staff. This ensures that the work is maintained at the highest cleaning standards.

Move-in cleaning services This type of cleaning operation involves the cleaning of bedrooms, living rooms and all other areas and features aspects such as carpets, ledges, closets and shelves that are thoroughly worked on both on the inside and outside. Window blinds, baseboards and doors, including the not so reachable places, are dusted are cleaned. Vents, ceiling fans, stairs, door frames, light switch frames and handrails are part of the areas to spot clean in terms of dusting and cleaning. Also inclusive is the removal of cobwebs and general dusting.

Move-out cleaning services This entails cleaning services in the bathroom and shower areas. All bathrooms, bathtubs and shower are sanitized, cleaned and polished. This includes toilet doors, glass doors and mirrors. Chrome features are also shined and cleaned and this includes cabinets, mirrors, drawers and medicine cabinets. There is also the cleaning of interior and exterior kitchenware including fridges, ovens and dishwashers. Top and front stoves are also thoroughly cleaned with sinks and chrome fixtures being shined and disinfected, not to forget counter-tops and back-splash.

Also check out our latest rate for Contract Cleaning Services for the longer term of cleaning solution.  Call Mobile: +60123506099 (Christine) or write in for more infoInitial-Cleaning-Residential